3.2.1. Mobile Assistant Android Application Configurations

To get started with store data, be sure your online shop is public and visible to web users.

The Connection configuration page allows to specify necessary settings details to connect to the store:

Connection Configuration Page

Store URL - type the URL path to your store, it looks like emagicone.com.

Please note, if your store is located inside some folder (for example, test_store ), the full path to it should have the following form: emagicone.com/test_store.

User's Credentials - specify your login and password, which you can find in Module Settings section (see Mobile Assistant Connector Configuration page).

Ask for Password on Connect - this option allows you to sign in only when you type the password manually. It will not be saved in Android.

It is better to leave it unchecked if your password is very strong and it will be hard to type it every time you run Mobile Assistant. Store Title- specify your store name. You have an opportunity to enable option which helps to retrieve title automatically from online store. Order created - if you check this option every time when a new order was created on your store, you will get a notification on your mobile device. Click on the [Save] button to keep specified settings and connect to the store. If you are not sure your settings data are specified properly - use the [Test] button to verify. If necessary, you can use the [Help] button to get some informational assistance in case of any issues or questions during configuration. Now you have completed the setup process and you can get to work with application.

If you have any question for the mobile module functionality - contact us at mobile@emagicone.com and we will try to give you the quality assistance.