3.1. User Manual

Note, that Mobile Assistant for WooCommerce is available in the Beta version now. 

 Not available for download from Google Play anymore

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant Connector from the direct link.

Note: A new version of WooCommerce Mobile Assistant Connector (2.0.0 and higher) works both with new and old versions of Mobile Assistant application.

The old version of the Connector module works only with the old version of Mobile Assistant.

If you have an old Mobile Assistant application (ver.2.1.31) and want to download renewed Mobile Assistant (ver.0.0.1 Beta), accordingly, you need to install a new Connector module (ver. 2.0.0 and higher).

Mobile Assistant Connector is used as a communication link between online store's data and your Android device.

It should be installed on your WordPress site.

To be able to install the Module and Mobile Assistant Application you need: