3.1.2 Installation from FTP Server (manual)

1. Use the direct link to upload the file with module installation on your local drive.

Please note, after downloading you get zip file which has to be uncompressed by using the File Archiver.

2. Run the one of the FTP client, such as: WinSCP, SmartFTP, FileZilla etc. Specify FTP credentials to be able to Connect to your FTP server.

3. Find your shopping cart root directory, where all store's data are placed and drop installation module file to the Plugins directory.

In most cases adhere to the following path on FTP:

Plugins folder on FTP

4. Login to the Back-End Office by using the appropriate admin access details.

5. Go to Dashboard - Plugins - from the existing list of Installed Plugins find the required one and activate it by pressing the appropriate button.

Activate Mobassistconnector on Admin

Now your Mobile Module is already installed, activated and usable.