5.2 Configuration

The list of the available users with the login details are represented in the tabled form.

By default you will get the user with the default login and password as ‘1’:

Default user and password

For security reasons, it is recommended to change these details on your own - click on the username column (1) or check the position and press the appropriate button in the top toolbar(2):

Press Edit option steps
New user button

To be able to add the new user to the list, press the button for adding - and fill the form below:

Username and Password fields

- username field is mandatory;

- password - specify the password of the newly-created user;

- indicate the status of the user - enable or disable in the upper field:

User's status

‘Save’ button serves for keeping the entry and continue working in the form.

After pressing it you will be able to switch to the other tab and configure the permissions for the current username.

Permissions tab

It is divided into the following sections:

Push notifications - the messages which the user receive on your device about the current update information at the store: the newly established order or customer record at the store, order status change etc.

Store statistics allows to see the main information about the movement of the store orders, customers and products over the certain chosen period.

Products section helps to monitor available products list and the main products details.

Customers - makes possible to preview customer personal details and existing list of all registered clients.

Orders contains the permissions on previewing order list and order details, the information about the change of order status, tracking number record and allows get the order details in PDF format, if necessary.

Abandoned Carts section helps to monitor the latest updates of abandoned carts listing and preview their basic details.

You can select what permissions you would like to provide and which ones can be disallowed for such user.

‘Save and Close’ button allows saving your entries and closing the Edit form at once.

There is available also a QR code, namely - the Quick Response Code - the information generator that contains the store URL , access details (login and password) and can be quickly read by cell phone. It helps you to auto login via VirtueMart Mobile Assistant Connector to the store with necessary settings details once you take a picture of the code to your phone.

In case, the user is created - the QR-code will be generated and appeared in the lower area:

QR-code area

Each user has own code for automatically connecting via device.

By using the field below you can copy the link with the QR-code and provide it with the necessary user in a distance.

QR-code link

Some operation you can perform directly in the columns of a table.

For example, just click on the column with the status to make the status of the selected user published/unpublished:

Change status directly

The VirtueMart Mobile Assistant Connector is already installed and can be used to connect to the store.

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