4.2.1. Mobile Android Application Connection Configurations

Run application on your mobile phone to set up connection with the installed mobile assistant connector.

Open the Connection Configurations page and specify necessary data there.

Connection configuration page

To avoid typing password and login manually scan the QR code.

Scan the QR code

You can use the hashed URL key - copy the URL path on the User page of Admin Panel and provide user with such external way to the QR code:

Copy hashed URL key to the QR code

Or scan the QR code from the Admin Panel directly. Go to Modules section and open the Mobile Assistant Connector edit page of the Back-End office.

Find the required user and expand the settings form with all users configurations.

User page with QR code

Point the phone monitor to the QR code to get it in focus.

The settings form on the Connection Configurations page will be filled automatically.

Be sure to click Save button after scanning for changes can be applied. Verify settings details by using the 'Test' button to be able to connect.

In other case you should check your configurations details and configure your store connection manually.

Enter your Store URL in the appropriate field - it should look like, http://www.onlinestore.com.

If your store is placed in any folder (for example opencart or store), then the full path to your store will have the following form:

http://www.onlinestore.com/opencart/ or http://www.onlinestore.com/store/.

Detect button in Configuration page serves to find what type of connection you can use at the current time.

Connection Type - you can use Mobile Assistant Connector or Bridge PHP to connect. For new versions of Mobile Assistant need to be installed the Mobile Assistant Connector while as

Bridge PHP can work with older versions of Mobile Assistant and offers only basic functionality of the application.

Login and password - specify the same configuration data as you have already entered above (see Mobile Assistant Connector Configuration section).

Store Title - specify the name of your store whatever you want. You can enable option to retrieve title automatically from your Opencart store.

Press 'Save' button to remember these settings and you will be able to connect to your store.

To verify the connection configuration click on the 'Test' button.

If necessary, you can use 'Help' button to get some informational assistance in case of any issues or questions during configuration.

Now you have completed the setup process and you can get to work with application.

  • You can also change the color for Orders Statuses - go to Connection Configurations, select 'Change statuses color' option:

  • select the status

  • and set the color

If you have additional questions or issues, please e-mail us at mobile@emagicone.com and we'll assist you free of charge.