Mobile Android Application Installation

After you copmpleted the connector installation from admin and setup the admin part, you can proceed with the mobile assistant installation on your device

Please note, that your online store, should be public if you want to manage it from the app

Connection configuration page

Use the [Detect] button to find what type of connection you can use now. If you haven't configured neither bridge nor mobile assistant connector type, you need to go back to section 1 and setup them correctly.

Connection Type - Mobile Assistant Connector or PHP Bridge. New version of Mobile Assistant requires Mobile Assistant Connector to be installed. Please see section 1 above. This type of connection opens new features of Mobile assistant and is specially designed for Prestashop Shopping Carts. PHP Bridge connection type can be used with older versions of Mobile Assistant, and offers only basic functionality of the application.

Login and Password (User Credentials) - Remember, we've told you to keep in mind new login and password  that you've specified above while setting connector/bridge(old version)? Well, you have to specify them here exactly the same as they are specified above.

In case you've forgotten them already, for mobile connector type - please open your Prestashop Admin area-> Modules->Mobile -> Mobile Assistant Connector and update them there. For bridge file please open your store root directory (where your shopping cart is installed) using any FTP client, find the file that you've uploaded called mobile-bridge.php and re-type them here.

Ask for Password on Connect - This option allows you to sign in only when you type the password manually. It will not be saved in Android. It is better to leave it unchecked if your password is very strong and it will be hard to type it every time you run Mobile Assistant.

Manage Stores - You can manage all your shops or choose the specific one. On the screen above we've specified "All shops" option. 

Base currency - allows you to select the type of currency for the selected store (stores).

Click Save to keep settings and connect to your store, or use Back button to discard this entry and close application.

Tip: Use Test connection button to verify if all settings are correct.

That's it. All settings are set and you're welcome to enjoy all features of the application.

2.  Start page of adding a connection.
Also the main menu selection button

3View of the main menu. You can also add a connection from the main menu

4Scanning QR code in the application and the result: access fields are filled

5Advanced Settings Button

6.  Advanced Settings 

7. Result