5.1.2. VirtueMart Mobile Assistant Application Installation

Take into account, to be able to connect and see all relevant information, the store has to be visible and available for the whole world.

Connection configuration page

Use the [Detect] button to find what type of connection you can use now.

Detect button

If you haven't configured neither bridge nor mobile assistant connector type, you need to go back to the section 1 and setup it correctly.

Connection Type - Mobile Assistant Connector or PHP Bridge. New version of VirtueMart Mobile Assistant requires ViirtueMart Mobile Assistant Connector to be installed. Please see section 1 above. This type of connection opens new features of Mobile assistant and is specially designed for Prestashop Shopping Carts. PHP Bridge connection type can be used with older versions of Mobile Assistant, and offers only basic functionality of the application.

Login and Password (User Credentials) - Remember, we've told you to keep in mind new login and password that you've specified above while setting connector/bridge(old version)? Well, you have to specify them here exactly the same as they are specified above.

Note, in case you forgot your credentials for mobile connector type, please open your Prestashop Admin area -> Modules -> Mobile -> Mobile Assistant Connector and update them there. For the bridge file, please open your store root directory (where your shopping cart is installed) using any FTP client, find the file that you've uploaded called mobile-bridge.php and retype them here.

Mobile Assistant Connector lower area

The lower area contains some operations which you can configure before connecting:

Show store name in order info - if you manage the multi store, for more convenient to check the checkbox and be able to monitor the orders with the appropriate store pointer.

The checkboxes related to the notifications - check the information you want to get on your device as a push-notifications, for example once the new order is created or new customer is registered etc.

Some additional order’s information can be set in the following area. - to be able to see the product thumbnails among the other orders details or the ID of the item which was added to the order can be previewed in the push-notification on order creation.

Order status colors - the ability to color the order positions based on the status of the order -

Press the "Order status colors" field to expand the color palette.

Status color pallete

Scroll the circle to select the color you want and click [OK] to save your choice.

Press [Save] to keep settings and connect to your store.

Use the [Help] button to move to the documentation page on the VirtueMart Mobile Assistant Installation Instruction.

Tip: Use Test connection button to verify if all settings are correct.

That's it. All settings are set and you're welcome to enjoy all features of the application.