3.2 Configuration

Note, Users page has some specifications (features) depending on the version of the module.

For the Mobile Assistant Connector 1.2.0 version and higher

Starting from the last module update the Users page of Mobile Assistant Connector (MA Connector) has a multi-users support.

You can see the option for adding the new user in the left side.

Mobile Assistant menu

Press the relevant button, specify the username (login) and password in the pop-up form before pressing [Add]:

Add new user pop-up form

Fill in the fields as illustrated below:

New user edit form
  • "Status" - enable position of the user status makes the current account active and available for monitoring store data;
  • "Login" and "Password" - these fields display the access details you have indicated in the pop-up form before;
  • The "QR code" area helps to transfer all information on connecting to the store (the store URL path, username and password) of the user which is currently selected automatically.

Each user has his/her own URL to the QR code, generated right after basic settings are configured and saved.

You can also get the shared link with the current code in the field shown below:

Ger shared QR-code link

Take a note, the QR-code is workable and accessible only for active users (with 'enabled' status) !

You can check/uncheck the permission fields below and thereby allow or disallow such operations in the application for the created user.

Permissions fields
  • Push notifications fields relate to the messages which user receive on the device concerning the updated information at the store (about products, customers, orders status).
  • Store statistics field gives an ability to see the main information on the movement of the store items, orders or customers over the selected period.
  • Product fields allows monitoring available products list with the main product details .
  • Order fields give an ability for user to see order list, order details and change order status.
  • Customer check-boxes - the access to the customer list and customer details.
  • Product check-boxes allows previewing product list with the main product data.

At the bottom of the form there is the device list , i.e. the list of all possible devices on which user receives the push-notifications.

Push notifications settings

It represents a table with the following columns as the device name, email address, the date of last user activity, the status of user account (enable/disable), the updated information on new customer, new order, order status etc.

All changes can be saved if you press the button on the right.

Save or delete options

To remove selected user from the user list - press the [Delete User] button on the left side (see an illustration above).

For the Mobile Assistant Connector version up to 1.2.0

Choose Mobile Assistant Connector menu in the Dashboard section of the Back-end. We strongly recommended to change the default settings for more security.

Specify connector credentials in the fields below and don't forget to click on the 'Save' option to keep these entries.

The user can apply the code by pressing the appropriate upper code-icon in the Settings page of the Mobile Assistant Application.

MA Connector settings

You can see available the Quick Response Code (QR) below. It helps to connect to the store automatically without entering every time your settings credentials and

store URL. The user can apply the code by pressing the appropriate upper code-icon in the Settings page of the Mobile Assistant Application.

Scan the code viz MA Conenctor

The Configuration process is completed now and you are able to connect to the store via a mobile device.