4.2 Configuration

By default your login and password to connect is '1'. For more security, please change these credentials for your own. Use ‘Edit’ button to open the editing form.

Edit Mobile Connector button

You can also switch the connector status on enabled or disabled mode.

Change user status

To automatically connect to your store, without entering your login, password and store URL path use the QR code that you can see at the bottom of the editing form.

QR code area

Each user has his/her own URL to the QR code, generated right after basic settings are configured and saved.

QR-code for separate user

To be able to regenerate - change - hash key for URL - use the button for regeneration and the path to the QR code will be constructed (generated) again.

If you get the following error message when trying to edit Mobile Assistant Connector,

Permission Denied message

you need to check your admin permissions:

1. In the administrator panel, go to: System > Users > User Groups

System-User-User Groups

2. Press 'Edit' the administrator user group and add permissions to: module/mobileassistantconnector (check the appropriate field from the list)

Check permissions

3. To save the user group permissions - press 'Save' button at the top.

Since the last module update to monitor your store via Mobile Assistant Connector in the Settings page you can create as many users as you need.

Add new User

Press the button in the upper left corner and specify the new username login and password. To make the current user’s status an active - choose ‘Enabled’ variant

Login and password for new user

Scroll down the settings page and you will see the fields, related to the granting accesses for an individual user .

Permissions page

To provide with the appropriate permissions - mark the checkboxes next to each positions.

All permissions have the following sections:

    • Push notifications - the messages which the user receive on your device about the current update information at your store: the new order creation or an order status change etc.
    • Store statistics allows to see the main information about the movement of the store orders, customers and products over the certain chosen period .
    • Orders contains the permissions on previewing order list, order details or information about the changes in order status.
    • Customers - makes possible to preview customer personal details and existing list of all registered clients.
    • Products helps to monitor available products list and the main products details.

By default these fields are checked but you can select what permissions you would like to provide with and which ones can be disallowed for such user.

Check/uncheck option which enable/disable possibility to receive messages (notifications) on the missing order status :

Disable notification for new order

Take into account on the Devices section below.

It shows the list of user devices on which he/she receive push-notifications.

Devices area

The rows below contain the following data:

- device name, email account, store name (from which user receives push-notifications) , store currency (amount of order will be determined in accordance with the specified currency); the data of device activity and status of email account (enabled or disabled) .

'Delete Row' clear a record from the devices list, but not exclude the possibility to get push-notifications by the user, related to the current entry.

Therefore, to disable/enable push-notifications receiving for the appropriate user recommended to choose 'Disable/Enable Account' command from the action column list (depending on status chosen on the previous column).

There are two options to save on the Mobile Assistant Connector User Edit page :

Save and stay option

- press the first one - your entries will be kept and you can stay at the current page for further modifications.

Save and stay option

- the second one allows to save your latest updates and close the Edit form.

Options to save

If all configurations are done you can move to the installation stage of Mobile Android Application now.