1.2.2. Configuration

Navigate in your admin console to the Dashboard menu and choose Mobile Assistant Connector tab.

Current tab will be shown after the module installation only.

Users section

To add new users or edit and delete the existing ones, use the corresponding options:

Edit user option

In the Edit form, you can change the main users data. It consists of the three sections:

  • User information with the following fields:
User information
  • "Status". When the status is enabled current user account is active and can be used for monitoring store data. Disabled status switches off account for such user with further inability to connect to the store for checking the latest updates.
  • The "Username" and "Password" fields marked with an asterisk - they are mandatory . For more security, it is recommended to change the default values from ‘1’ to the new ones.
  • "QR-code" - the Quick Response Code - the information generator that contains the store URL, access details (login and password) and can be quickly read by cell phone.

In case, if it is necessary to regenerate a QR-code link, use the button next to the same-named field. After pressing it, you will get the newly-created URL path by which user can reach to the QR-code:

Regenerate QR-code

Note: QR-code link will be workable only for users with the enabled statuses.

Enabled User status

You can use a QR code to automatically connect to the store from the Setting page of Mobile Assistant Application:

Scan QR code

Point your mobile device monitor on the code to catch it in a focus and connection details will be automatically filled in the fields on the settings page.

Do not forget to click on the button for saving to keep these data.

  • Permissions
Permissions section

The fields are checked on this step - the allowed sectors which will be reachable and visible for the appropriate user. Select as many positions as you need.

Use the button to un-check them all at once, if necessary. Do not forget to press one of the saving options:

Options for saving
  • Devices

Displays the list of all user devices which receive push-notifications.

Devices section

The lower fields consists of the following data: the name of the device, the email account; store name (the store, from which push-notifications are sent to the users); store currency - order amount will be determined in accordance with the specified currency; the data of device activity and status of email account (enabled or disabled).

[Delete Row] clears a record from the devices list, but do not exclude the possibility to get push-notifications by the user, related to the current entry.

Delete row in Devices section

Therefore, to disable push-notifications receiving for the appropriate user recommended to choose 'Disable Account' command from the action column list.

Disable account

Do not forget to press [Save] to keep your latest modifications.