Upload and Install from the FTP Folder

In this case use any FTP or SSH client. The previously uploaded installer package needs to be unzipped, firstly.

Unzip File with Module installation

Open the store root directory on FTP and find the "tmp" folder.

Drop the decompressed file to this place as on the illustration below:

Drop file on FTP

The path to the installer on FTP should be the following:


Go to Admin Panel - > Dashboard - > Extensions - > Manage - > Install - > Istall from Folder

Install from Folder tab

The path to the FTP folder will be filled automatically in the appropriate field. Just press the lower option and wait until the checking and uploading process is finished to get the notification about successful installation:

Check and Install Message Succesful

You can find the VirtueMart Mobile Assistant Connector in the Components section of the back-end top menu:

Mobile Assistant Connector in Components