Manual Installation


Mobile Assistant Connector for Prestashop Mobile Assistant app v.2 is available by the direct link

To install the PrestaShop Mobile Assistant v.2 app follow this link.

You can install the Mobile Assistant Connector manually. To proceed with the installation, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the official Prestashop marketplace and find the appropriate Bridge Connector Module there.

    2. Download the zip installation file on your computer from Prestashop's official site or use this download link:

    1. Use the File Archiver to unzip the module file.

    2. Login into your FTP server, using the FTP Client. Enter your own FTP credentials to be able to connect.

    3. Find the Prestashop store main (root) directory. You should find the Modules folder in it.

Drag the Module installation folder "bridgeconnector" (the whole folder not only just a file it contains!) - and drop it in modules folder.

6. Go to your back-end (Admin) office and open the "Modules - > Module manager" tab.

7. Scroll down the modules list or use the Search ribbon to facilitate this process.

8. Your module is now installed. You can start to use it now