Notifications on the latest versions of Android

Please take into account due to the Android development, the latest versions of which contain the battery optimization updated features, some applications on the device, including the Mobile Assistant module, can be suspended by the system for energy saving.

That is means the Notifications function of Mobile Assistant will be turned off too.

Depending on the OS version of the device, please follow the next steps described below to add the module to the allowed list and avoid its deactivation:

For Huawei and Honor phones (Also Samsung Galaxy J3)

Such models contain a progressive battery optimization system and recommend to follow the next steps to be able to receive the notifications via Mobile Assistant module.

1. Go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Battery manager -> Protected apps. Please select the application from a list of available ones. This operation will protect the Mobile Assistant from the blocking and assign it to the allowed list.

2. Go to Settings ->Apps -> Advanced-> Ignore battery optimizations. Highlight the Mobile Assistant and confirm your action to ignore. Such command allows the module to be running, bypassing the battery optimization function.

3. Go to Settings -> Notification panel & status bar -> Notification center. Find the Mobile Assistant and make the Notifications function active by clicking on the 'Allow notifications' position. In addition, check the priority option - 'Priority display' - to ensure that notifications can be obtained.

4. Then you need to restart your phone to activate the updates.

For Huawei Honor with the Android 8 and higher

1. Find the Mobile Assistant application in 'Battery usage' list (see the example in the illustrations below):

2. Switch off the active 'Power-intensive prompt' status and then click 'Launch' field :

3. In 'Launch' dialog make the following updates:

  • turn off the 'Manage automatically' mode;
  • manually switch on the 'Auto-launch', 'Secondary launch' and 'Run in background' modes:

4. Use 'OK' button to save the entries and close the dialog page.

For OnePlus 6 phones

1. Go to Battery -> Battery Optimization.

2. Among the other apps which are available on the device find the Mobile Assistant module (at the illustration is used the screen-capture from the WooCommerce Mobile Assistant module as an example) :

3. Confirm your action on the next pop-up:

If you have any questions or need any assistance - please contact us and we will gladly provide you with necessary information or help.