3.1.1 Installation via Admin Panel

Note, that Mobile Assistant for WooCommerce is available in the Beta version now. 

 Not available for download from Google Play anymore

WooCommerce Mobile Assistant Connector – from the direct link.

You can use two ways to install Mobile Assistant Connector in your back-end.

Installation via Admin Panel

1. Log in to your Admin Panel and using the Dashboard drop-down menu select the Plugins section.

2. Choose the 'Add new' option below to specify the required plugin's name in the search field and launch the search process

3. When the Module is found, you can install it by pressing the appropriate button (see an illustration above).

4. Specify the necessary FTP credentials on the next step to be able to proceed.

5. In order to be able to use the plug-in, you need to get it activated. Click an option that will launch the activation process.

Now the Module is activated and can be used further.

Manual Installation

You can follow such ways to place the Module installation file on your computer:

1) Upload the required file with plugin installation data from the following link: https://woocommerce-manager.com/plugin/mobile-assistant-connector.zip 

2) You can use a direct download link to save the Mobile Connector Module installation file on your PC as well:


Let's check step-by-step instructions on plugin installation:

1. Go to the Admin Panel (store's Back-end), login, by using your admin access details and open Dashboard drop-down menu. Choose Plugins section.

Find the 'Upload Plugin' button in the upper part of the window:

Add new plugin
Choose file button

< - Dind the required zip file location after clicking on the [Choose File] option. 

Install now

< - Press [Install Now] to start installing. 

2. To perform the following action, WordPress needs your access details to get to the FTP server.

ftp credentials to proceed

< - Specify the necessary credentials to be able to proceed.

3. If installation is successful, you should get this notification:

Activate plugin in Admin

< - This option serves to activate the installed module in your Admin area.

Now it is ready for usage.

Note: A new version of WooCommerce Mobile Assistant Connector (2.0.0 and higher) works both with new and old versions of Mobile Assistant application.

The old version of the Connector module works only with the old version of Mobile Assistant.

If you have an old Mobile Assistant application (ver.2.1.31) and want to download renewed Mobile Assistant (ver.0.0.1 Beta), accordingly, you need to install a new Connector module (ver. 2.0.0 and higher).