Live Statistics

With Mobile Assistant you can view statistics whenever you want.

Here you can choose time period, for which Assistant will generate statistics (today, this week, this month).

If you have a strong necessity to get information, for example, about this week's activity at your store, the software will come to the assistance.

Statistics will display how your store is running in your absence.

What can you check, by the way?

Orders - the amount of orders for selected period

Products - total of products for the specified period

Customers - the amount of customers at your store for some period (today, week or month).

Listed above records are tightly organized but include all needed for observation data. Statistics option will help you to analyze information about your store.

Diagram depicted below will reflect the data listed above. As you notices, there are small icons in front of each line.

Pressing any of these, you can view more detailed information about orders, products and customers. It's really quite proper, as you do not need to switch on the other menu.

This page of your Mobile Assistant will lead you to the next, you need to do just one click.


Check order details with ease. This window shows you customer's email, date of ordering, order status and total order sum. Also glance over discounts, shipping and coupons information. Make sure shipping and billing addresses of the order are indicated in a proper way.

Main Info

Customer - customer's name (in the top of the screen)

eMail - customer's e-mail

Created - order created - exact date

Status - order status

Total - order total (calculated by your shopping cart)

Shipping/Billing Address

Customer's shipping or billing addresses. These may be the same or may differ.

Ordered Products

The list of products and their prices. You can click on product to browse it on your store to check its stock, availability or any other information.

Orders Filters

You have a possibility to filter your orders according to order status and date of ordering.

Order's Statuses - you can choose order status for orders filter. Following options are available here: Delivered, PayPal [Transactions], Pending Processing.

Date - choose for which period of time you want to make your products filter.

Mobile Assistant provides you with the following choices for filtering:

Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, Previous Month, All Period etc.

Also you can choose the date from calendar (the "Custom" position).

Registered Customers

While using Mobile Assistant you are allowed to review detailed information about your customers anytime.

Mobile Assistant is created for your convenience. You can use search and find your customers by name or e-mail address. Whenever you are interested only in those customers who ordered products from your store, tick "With orders" box and the system will show you these clients.

Or you can filter your customers according to register time. Yo have the following options: Today, Yesterday, This Week, Previous Week, This Month, Previous Month, All Time.

Having indicated fields for filter, press "Show Customers" button and get required information.

Let’s skip across this window, what is listed here:

address - your customer exact address

phone - customer’s phone number

email - customer’s email

registered - date and time when your customer was registered

name - your customer name

Below you will see details about order accomplished by the customer, namely - Product ID, Order Status, Date of Ordering and Total


Mobile Assistant Widget is developed for easy checking your store statistics for the current day.

In the Widget Configurations section you may set custom title and select connection configuration.

You may also specify filters for available order statuses.

Having specified all the details, you will be able to see the Widget on your screen.

You may also add several widgets with different settings configured on your screen

Mobile Assistant Widget

For more information, check this page:

Mobile Assistant Widget Description

Mobile Assistant opens new skyline for you. As store owner you can keep an eye on your business going on 24/7. You have a possibility to look over your customers, orders and products anytime, wherever you are. Your Mobile Assistant will guarantee you the latest information and statistics for sure.

Haven't downloaded it yet? Do not hesitate! Get Mobile Assistant right away: