Installation Instructions

This section shows you how to install Mobile Assistant and how to setup connection to your store to see your live data.


Not available for download from Google Play anymore!

Download the file at Google Play. Look for Mobile Assistant for Magento / PrestaShop / etc

Run the installation package on your Android Device

Open the application to set up the connection. Detailed instructions are below.

Connection Configuration

This section describes how to set up a Bridge connection between your ecommerce store and Store Assistant.

Want to know why you need to set up a Bridge connection? Check our FAQ section to find an answer!

Once the app is installed, you will see the following screen - >

To set up the settings, follow few steps, first:  to your PC and unpack to some folder locally. For example, unpack the archive to your Desktop -> mobile-bridge.php

Important! Edit mobile-bridge.php file to change default username (default username is 1) and password (default password is 1) to keep your store protected!

2. Open mobile-bridge.php file (you can open it using NotePad or NotePad++) and find the following lines there:

$username = "1";

$password = "1";

Put your own values instead of "1" in both lines (any values you wish and keep them in mind as you will need them on the last step of configuration). Save changes and close the file.

You may keep all other settings as they are unless you are asked to do so by our tech engineers.

Important! Do not edit the file in MS Word or any other advanced text editor as it will add extra characters and break the file so it will not work correctly! Only plain text editor can be used.

3. Copy the mobile-bridge.php file to your online store root (catalog) directory via any ftp client (copy from your local folder to your shopping cart directory).

Your store root catalog is the one where your shopping cart is installed. Usually admin folder is there. In most cases it is public_html folder.

If you're not sure where the file should be placed, please contact you store developer or our support team at

Once the file is uploaded you may proceed to the next step.

How can I check is everything's done right?

Correctly set bridge should be accessible in any web browser via url whereas your store link is

You should see Self Test Tool when checking the bridge url ( in browser:

Bridge Version (Revision): 1

Default Login and Password Changed OK 

Database Connection Check OK

If you see this, than OK.

If you see blank page or any other information, solve them by means of comments or contact us via for assistance.

If you see "Change your login credentials in mobile-bridge.php to make your connection secure" notification, it means that you haven't changed default login and pass in your mobile-bridge.php file. Please go to step 2 and double-check everything.

4. On the connection settings page specify the following:

Store Title - You can name your store connection as you wish. It doesn't affect the work in any way. It is a good idea to specify your store name here so you could easily check what sore are you in now if you have few stores to check on your Android device.

Your store URL - Specify your store URL here. It may look like

In case your store (shopping cart) is installed in some folder, specify the whole path here like or

Important: Your store should be public and should be visible for whole world. Stores locked for maintenance or that requires verification before being able to see products will not work!

Bridge Login and Bridge Password - Remember, we've told you to keep in mind new login and password that you've specified in your mobile-bridge.php file? Well, you have to specify them here exactly the same as they are specified in bridge file, except of quotes.

In case you've forgotten them already, please open your store root directory (where your shopping cart is installed) using any FTP client, find the file that you've uploaded called mobile-bridge.php and retype them here.

Ask for Password on Connect - This option allows you to sign in only when you type the password manually. It will not be saved in Android. It is better to leave it unchecked if your password is very strong and it will be hard to type it every time you run Mobile Assistant.

5. Click Save to keep settings and connect to your store, or use Back button to discard this entry and close application.

Tip: Use Test connection button to verify if all settings are correct.

That's it. All settings are set and you're welcome to enjoy all features of the application.

For detailed description of all features check here.