4.1.1. Manual Installation via Opencart Marketplace

You should follow these steps to install the module on your Admin Panel and FTP server:

  1. Upload Mobile Connector installation file on your computer firstly. You are able to use one of the two ways to find and upload the required file:

Log in to your OpenCart account or use the registration form to get an account in OpenCart marketplace.

Then, scroll down the page and you will see the variants of download links - choose the most suitable to your shopping cart position and press [Download]

Mobile Assistant Connector versions

2. Unzip the file.

3. Connect to the FTP server with any of FTP clients - type your username, password and hostname.

4. Find your store root directory.

Store root directory on FTP

5. Open the unzipped file and select "admin" and "catalog" files in it. Drag-and-drop them to your store root directory.

Drag the mobile assistant connector to store root directory

6. Now you can go to your Admin Panel - > Menu - > Modules. There, you should see the list of available modules.

Modules list

Already installed modules are marked with the red square with the minus sign in it, and not installed yet are marked with the green square with a plus sign in it.

7. In the Modules List you can see the Mobile Assistant Connector.

Install Mobile Connector button

8. To install it press [+] in the green square. When the installation is finished, you get the following message:

module installed

The Mobile Assistant Connector is installed now and can be used .