1.1.3. Updating to a New Version

In order to be able to upgrade Mobile connector to the latest version, you should have it installed.

1. Log into your store's backend (your Magento Store Admin pannel) and go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.


2. Log in with your Magento Store administrator credentials.


3. Click the [Check for Upgrades] button.

Magento Mobile Assistant Check for Updates

4. In the list of extensions, find the Mobile Assistant Connector (mobile_assistant_connector) application and select the latest version to be installed.

Upgrade to newest version

5. Hit [Commit Changes] at the bottom of the page to start the installation.

Note: It is recommended to upgrade Mobile Assistant Connector separately from other modules.

Installation will take few minutes and you will see the following screen:

Update successfully performed

You should see that the package is installed successfully.

You're done with the upgrade now.

6. Open your Android Device -> Mobile Assistant application -> Settings and run Test connection. You will see successful connection notification.

Now you can enjoy the latest version of Mobile Assistant application.

For detailed description of all features check here.