1.1.2. Configuration

Navigate in your admin console to the top tabs menu and choose "Mobile Assistant Connector". You can see it only if you have installed the connector.

Mobile Assistant Connector tab in Admin

Press "Users" position and you will move to the User Information section.

1. User Information

Set your secure login and password.

Default login and password are '1' and '1'. So please change them to more secure ones and keep in mind to specify in your Mobile application.

User information section

*do not scan our QR code. There's default data that cannot be used to connect to any store

At the bottom of the "User Information" page you can see a QR code. Now you can scan it to get all settings into your app. In case you changed login and password, you need to save configs to get updated QR code.

A user can apply the code by pressing the upper code icon on the Settings page of the Mobile Assistant Application.

Scan QR code

Point the phone monitor to the QR-code to get it in focus. The settings form on the Connection Configuration page will be automatically filled. Press the [Save] button to keep these details.

2. Permissions

You can set the necessary permissions to the selected user by seleccting the checkboxes.

Each checkbox corresponds to the actions within the certain areas of store monitoring, such as:

Push notification settings

< - Push notification settings

Store statistics

< - Store statistics

The dashboard of the store which displays on the screen the main details on products, customers and orders during predefined period and reflecting such data in the form of diagrams.

Products list area

< - Products list

Customers area

< - Customers

Orders area

< - Orders

abandoned carts area

< - Abandoned carts

Namely, shows the list of the registered customers of the store that have already added products to their carts, but didn't finalize their orders through .

Choose the actions which will be available for such user and press 'OK' button to save your choice.

3. Devices

This sectioon shows the list of devices on which user receive push-notifications.

The rows below contain the following data:

  • "Device Name", "Account Email", "Store Name" (from which user receives push-notifications), store currency (amount of order will be determined in accordance with the specified currency); the data of device activity and status of email account (enabled or disabled).
Devices area

[Delete Row] clears a record from the devices list, but not exclude the possibility to get push-notifications by the user, related to the current entry.

Delete row action

Therefore, to disable/enable push-notifications receiving for the relevant user recommended to choose the "Disable/Enable Account" command from the action column list (depending on status chosen on the previous column).

Disable/Enable account

In case you need to make the bulk updates, use the [Actions] button in the upper right corner. Note, do not forget to check the necessary positions before submitting.

Bulk actions

Now all is done and you can proceed to the installation of Free Mobile Assistant on your Android device.

For detailed description of all features check here.

If you have any questions or issues, please e-mail us at mobile@emagicone.com and we'll assist you free of charge.