1.1.1 Automatic Installation via Magento Connect Manager

  1. Go to Magento Connect (official Magento modules marketplace) and find Mobile Assistant for Magento Connector -


    2. Click "Install Now". If you are not currently logged into the site you will be prompted to do so. Please use your Magento Connect credentials to log in or register here.

'Install Now' button

    3. Select Magento Connect version 2.0, accept the extension’s license agreement, and get the extension key.

Get license key

    4. Copy current key to be able to apply it during further installation:

Select Key

    5. Log into your store's backend (your Magento Store Admin pannel) and go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.

Magento Connect Manager

Log in with your Magento Store administrator credentials.

Magento connect manager login form

Paste the extension key (see step 4 above) into the text box next to the corresponding field and click ‘Install’.

Paste extension key to install field

A system window will appear towards the bottom of the page that will display the progress of your installation.

Auto scroll console of installation

Hit 'Refresh' option to see the last changes.

Now you have successfully installed the connector.

Magento Mobile Assistant Conenctor installed

*common Magento Connect instructions are available by following this link.

Go back to the Admin Panel by helping with the option in the illustration below:

REturn back to Admin Panel