2.1.1 Installation via Admin Panel

1. In order to install and operate with the Mobile Connector you should:

 - go to the official Prestashop marketplace and find the Mobile Assistant for Prestashop Connector .

- log-in to your Prestashop account

- find necessary application and press 'Install', accepting the extension's license agreement.


- you can download and install Mobile Connector Module from this link as well:

2. Log into your Admin Panel (the store backend), using your admin access credentials like your own admin username and password.

Prestashop Admin Panel

3. Moving to Modules section choose the Modules position.

Modules section

For owners whose online stores use Prestashop Cloud shopping cart platform -  it is required to specify the admin credentials once again to be able 
to add new 

modules for their e-commerce.  Find in the upper right corner of your back-end dashboard section such option - 'Not connected to Prestashop Addons', 

Not connected to Addons

press it and type your access details in the appropriate form, which appears:

Prestashop form for Addons

Finally, you should be successfully connected to the PrestaShop Addons center and see available modules list. 

Modules List

4. Now, please find at the top of the window 'Add a new module' button.

Add new module button

Once you pressed it, find and choose the installation file for Mobile Connector on your local machine, which have been previously unzipped.

Choose installation file

5. After selection you can press 'Upload this module' button and it will be placed at your Admin area.

Upload module

You should get the message that Connector was downloaded successfully.

Module was successfully downloaded

6. Then go to the Mobile section where you can find the necessary module.

Next to the Mobile Assistant Connector field press ‘Install’ button to start installation.

Install Module

You will see the next message: